A virtual reality experience for the classroom.

User Example - Queen Status by Shandira Ferguson


MYR is an educational tool that strikes a balance with the ease of use and challenge. We drew inspiration from Logo Turtle and Processing to provide a beginner friendly experience for teaching and learning with MYR.


Delivering a beginner friendly experience in VR can be difficult. MYR provides an easy to use API to interact with the scene. We also provide an integrated environment for learning and expressing your ideas.


This tool was developed by the Engaging Computing Group at UMass Lowell. This project is one step on the way to delivering an educational and engaging experience that is based on constructing VR worlds.


Simple API

Our simple API helps you build virtual scenes and explore programming at the same time.

Built for Classrooms

With built in collections, sharing code with a teacher, club mentor, or other group leader is simple.

Save and Share

Once logged in you are able to save your work and share the url with a friend.

Real-time Sync

Real-time sync allows you to program and enjoy your work almost instantaneously on a VR headset.

Lots of Devices

MYR is built with WebVR and supports almost a wide range of devices ranging from cardboard to full VR rig.